A New married brides shared some secret confession related to their wedding day

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I had an arranged marriage and we met only  twice before marriage.

Although we used to talk on the phone daily, still the personality is more understood on meeting

Between the stress of  marriage medications and family talk, I was feeling  veritably uncomfortable.

When I saw my hubby on the  marriage day, I felt like running down from the mandap

I was crying a lot at that time. I did not indeed want to get  wedded

My hubby is  veritably good and takes care of my small and big wishes, but at that time I wanted to run down from my own marriage.

Getting married in love sounds  veritably  instigative, but planning a  marriage can be  veritably stressful

First  prevailing  the family members and  also planning the marriage according to the family members of both of them brought a lot of distance between us

In the meanwhile we had  numerous quarrels. Shortly before the  marriage day, there was a rift over  commodity.