Today Gold Price: Gold and silver fell by ₹ 5000 in the last one week

Today Gold Price

There is a lot of increase in the price of gold in India, ₹ 110 is trading at ₹ 51000 per 10 grams due to inflation. Gold is considered to be a reliable investment, now the festival day is about to start and especially Indian people buy mostly gold and silver in this festival.

Today Gold Price

There is also a significant fall in the price of silver, 1200 is cheaper and is trading at ₹ 57300 per kg.

What is the condition of gold in other cities of India

Mumbai is called the financial capital of India, where the price of gold is ₹ 51000 per 10 grams, almost the same price is in Kolkata, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam etc. The price of gold in Delhi is ₹51150 per 10 grams and in Chennai it is ₹51710 per 10 grams.You will be surprised to know that the cost of one kg of silver in Delhi and Mumbai is ₹ 57300.

Today Gold Price

Tomorrow’s condition of gold and silver market

The price of metal in the world markets is strong, but on Wednesday, the price of gold in the Indian market fell by ₹ 270. Gold was trading at ₹ 50890 per 10 grams Earlier gold became cheaper by ₹770

Today Gold Price

Huge fall in India’s gold reserves

You will be surprised to know that India’s gold currency is witnessing a rapid decline. In the last week of September 23, it fell from $ 8.134 billion to $ 537.518 billion.In the previous week, the foreign exchange reserves had declined by more than $ 5.2 billion to $ 545.54 billion.FCAs have also declined, falling from $7.688 billion to $477.212 billion.The foreign exchange reserves in the FCA under the dollar include growth and depreciation in the pound, the euro and the yen, which is a non-US currency. Under all these figures, gold reserves have come down from $3 billion to $37.886.

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